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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Health A Priority At Work

1. Bring a bag of fresh fruit to the office everyday. Bananas, grapes, figs, cherries. No mess fruits like these, especially cantaloupes make great snacks throughout the day and provide lots of fiber. (just slice cantaloupe in half and you have an instant bowl of fruit)

2. Keep a container of your favorite almond, rice, soy or organic dairy milk in the office. When you’re rushing to get out the door in the morning and have no time for breakfast, make a bowl of your own whole grain cereal when you get to work and pass on the muffins and pastries.

3. Double your salad dressing recipe when you make it at home. This way you can keep some at home, and some at the office. Large satisfying salads taste better and are better for you when they’re made with homemade ingredients that don’t contain artificial ingredients, added sugars and unhealthy fats that are in many bottled or packaged dressings.

4. Keep nuts, dried fruits and Larabars in a file drawer. These don’t need to be refrigerated and will last a few weeks. They make energizing snacks after lunch and will get you through those back-to-back meetings and keep you away from the vending machine. They have good amounts of fiber and healthy omega 3’s for brain power.

5. Is there a 4PM birthday celebration? Or is someone celebrating a promotion? Bring a piece of delicious dark chocolate (70% or more cocoa content) with a cup of herbal tea in your favorite mug sweetened with stevia or agave syrup, politely pass on having a piece of cake and join in on the celebration!

6. BONUS TIP: Skip the pizza. Kindly ask whoever is ordering dinner for everyone working late hours if you can take a look at the menu and order something besides pizza. If Italian, get a big green salad and a side of roasted vegetables and marinara sauce. The greens will provide energy and sautéed broccoli or roasted eggplant will satisfy and comfort you, but won’t weigh you down. You will be more productive and get home at a reasonable hour for a good night sleep!

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